Five Under-the-Radar Beach Destinations

Five Under-the-Radar Beach Destinations

Take the sort of vacation you might read about in a travel magazine: an off-the-beaten path, tourist-free, barefoot-on-an-unspoiled-beach sort of vacation. These five destinations are not about the price tag, but they’re all about exclusivity. Pack your swimsuit, your sports bra, and your sense of adventure—and see what magic awaits.



A 20-minute flight from high-profile Antigua is Barbuda, a mostly undeveloped Caribbean island dotted with pink-sand beaches and secluded resorts. Why we love it: The water is so ridiculously crystalline, it’s practically fluorescent. No Instagram filter could duplicate its azure hue. And it will feel like it’s all yours. What to bring: Protect yourself from the dazzling sun in our Live! Sense Visor.


Cirali, Turkey

This relaxed, off-the-beaten path village in southwest Turkey has prime Mediterranean real estate between a nature preserve and the ruins of ancient Olympos—offeing plenty for the active and adventurous to explore. The seaside town is dotted with family-fun cafés and guesthouses with fresh, locally based cuisine. Why we love it: As you lie on the uncrowded rocky beach, with the warm sea at your feet and towering mountains piercing the clouds on either side, it feels as if time is standing still. What to bring: Hike the hilltops of Olympos National Park in style in our chic Live! Sense Skort


Cumberland Island, Georgia

The beautiful, undeveloped 18-mile beach on this majestic island is bound by marshes and home to freely roaming horses, endangered sea turtles, and countless rare birds. Hike through the lush forests by day and stargaze on the beach at night. Why we love it: Where else can you jog on the beach alongside wild horses? What to bring: Endure the elements with our fast-dry, SPF 50 Active Sense Leggings.


 Huatulco, Mexico

This far-south beach town at the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range is not exactly undiscovered, but it is definitely under-the-radar for U.S. travelers. With 36 Pacific Coast beaches and several luxury resorts to choose from, Huatulco is a slice of true paradise. Why we love it: You can work up an appetite sailing, snorkeling, and jet-skiing in the turquoise waters or hiking secret ridge-top trails, and then indulge in the Oaxaca region’s rich cuisine and laid-back nightlife. What to bring: Get sporty as your splash in our Acqua one-piece swimsuit.

 Nosara, Costa Rica

This charming yet remote longtime expat haunt along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast offers the best combination of stunning raw beauty, laid-back surf culture, and chic new restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. Why we love it: The beach and jungle collide at every turn—surf in the gentle waves, then camp out for the day to watch tropical birds, sea turtles, and even playful monkeys in their natural habitats. What to bring: Stroll the pristine shores in one of our Active Flexar tops in a wild print.