Skorting the Issue: The Hardest Working Piece in Your Fitness Wardrobe

Skorting the Issue: The Hardest Working Piece in Your Fitness Wardrobe

Skorts have been enjoying a renaissance among fashionistas and celebrities around the world—but we’ve been on to the many charms of this hybrid short-and-skirt style for years. Here, we present 7 reasons why the skort is the hardest working piece in your workout wardrobe.


  1. It’s the very best combination of sporty yet feminine. Professional athletes rock this style all the time, because it looks great yet gives them the carefree functionality to bend, dive, jump, and swoop as needed.


  1. Joggers, take note: The outer skirt layer might seem unnecessary until you experience the wonderful sensation of the breeze against your legs. It’s a built-in cooling system!


  1. If you’re spending the day in the sun, ditch your denim and twill skirts in favor of a skort with built-in UV sunlight protection 50. Going sailing? Running errands around town? Cheering your kids on from the bleachers at the baseball field? A skort has comfort, a fun silhouette, and smart sun sense all in one.


  1. Tired of ruining your clothes while you garden or clean up outdoors? Your stretchy skort is perfect for kneeling and squatting in the heat (gardening is a really great workout after all, isn’t it?). Plus, you can toss it straight in the wash when you’re done—dirt and all.


  1. You’ll never cringe in the mirror during dance class or Zumba again. Say goodbye to the awkward effect of trying to find the rhythm in your running shorts. Your hips, your legs, your poses—they’ll all look fabulous in a dance skort.


  1. With a sewn-in pocket (like the one our Sense Sport Skort has), a skort is the perfect solution for toting tennis balls around the court as well as your keys while you’re out for a jog or a bit of cash to pick up an iced green tea after Pilates.


  1. It’s the ultimate transition piece. Nothing goes from gym to lunch at a waterfront café as seamlessly as the skort. Give yourself a quick wipe-down, toss on a cute zip-front jacket and a visor and you’ll look as fresh and stylish as if you’ve come straight from home.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our skort collection now.