Experience 2019: Come get to know the  LIVE!'S summer collection

Experience 2019: Come get to know the LIVE!'S summer collection

A collection to renew your connection and interior well being. EXPERIENCE 2019 arrived, LIVE!'s summer collection.




Explorer, reconnect and transform. Focus on your experience  and a new look on life, LIVE! has prepared us for this 2019 summer season with a beach and fitness collection based on shapes that adapt to your bodies necessities and peoples lifestyle and workouts. 


All of this of course is accompanied by high technology with those LIVE! exclusive prints that we love!


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For people who love versatility, the EXPERIENCE 2019 collection come with double sided options in both fitness and beach lines.



Various tops have multiplied their forms of use, besides being double-sided they can be used either backwards and forwards.





The jeans life, a favorite to our clients - also have novelties. There are various options that go beyond jeans legging.



Isis Valverde


It couldn't be different, LIVE! choose with care the star of this new campaign and collection.



The campaign Experience 2019  was Photographed in Rio de Janeiro and we counted with Isis Valverde, our muse to execute the movements and practices showing the versatility of the collection.




Com get to know the videos of your campaign. They are amazing!


Fitness Line:

Beach Line: 


New Release


The products arrived at the stores in early August, in all our locations, online and multi-brand stores in Brasil and USA.


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