Joice's Favorites, the creative director of LIVE!

Joice's Favorites, the creative director of LIVE!

There are some LIVE! products that are the favorites of Joice Sens, our creative director. Founder of the brand, along with her husband Gabriel Sens, Joice is the inspiration of our active, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Between LIVE!'s headquarters, traveling to work and family moments, she still has time to enjoy all the benefits that exercise and a healthy life provides.

Joice Sens

From all the products in the ENERGY 2017 collection, some don’t come out of her closet. Whether for comfort, style or practicality. Find out the chosen ones:


Joice’s TOP 5 favorites:


1 - Legging Jeans Original Basic

"These pants are incredible and very innovative! Imagine putting the comfort of a legging in jeans and it looks real! "

(Get Your Jeans here | ref. P1470)


2 - Black Orchid Premium Jacket

"I love the print and the mix with smooth sleeves details. It fits well and modernizes from fitness look to casual. "

(Get your Jacket here | ref. 81771)


3 - Boucle Premium Track Pants

"The style, and especially the modeling are perfect to use on a daily basis."

(Get your Pants here | ref. 81768)


4 - Illusion Team Fit Flex Tight

"I'm in love with our pants with localized prints. It's a super-art work and this print with an optical effect is my favorite. "

(Get your Tight here | ref. 81743)


5 - Gloss Gym Strappy Top

"The color combinations are beautiful, and this braided on the strips form a modern design on the back!”

(Get your Top here | ref. 81659)


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