Carol Meski

Stylish and comfortable looks to stay at home

Is there anything better than betting in a comfortable outfit to stay at home? The best place in the world calls for a look to match - it's just not worth betting on pajamas all day!

We are in a difficult moment that, with the coronavirus situation, we were forced to protect ourselves and enter the quarantine: avoiding crowds, staying at home and taking care of our health and the next.

And to help you, we list here three super comfy and stylish looks from the new Reflection collection that have already been chosen by our Team LIVE !. Take a look:


Track Jacket and Pants


We started first with this super beautiful set and combined with the cold days that are still to come: it has cutouts in a mix of fabrics with a pearly look and ribana cuffs, providing style to compose the looks. The jacket comes with a hood and zippered side pockets. The pants come with a drawstring waistband and zippered side pockets. 

The Track Jacket and Pants are available in black , green and pink with gray .

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Ah, the dresses ... It may be spring, and dresses are still perfect for wearing in regions where the weather is mild. Light, comfortable and super stylish! Our Team LIVE! Bella Falconi, Mari D'Ávila and Carol Meski are still betting on the play! 

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Top and legging


This is the perfect combo ! Whether for heavy training, light walking, stretching or just staying at home. The top and leggings are pieces made to accompany you and help you achieve the best results. In addition, it has models and prints one more beautiful than the other! 

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So, did you love it? We do! Enjoy and click HERE  to guarantee your favorite looks from the new Reflection collection with up to 25% OFF. It's too much!