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LIVE! CARE Antiviral

What is it?

Caring for each other and the world is our top priority. We wanted to approach this line with consciousness and attention during these unsettling times. With that in mind we launched Antiviral Capsule Collection, designed for practicality & versatility, to provide you with extra protection and some peace of mind wherever you go. Stay safe and don't forget to wash your hands!

LIVE!CARE includes an antiviral technology that can inactivate 99.9% of bacterias and viruses, including COVID-19. (Certified by the Biology Institute of UNICAMP and tested according to ISO 18184 and AATCC 100 standards)


  • BREAKS_ the surface of the virus with silver ions.

    INHIBITS_ the replication of viral DNA.

    BLOCKS_ the link between the virus and the cell host.
  • STOPS_ the microorganism from releasing its genetic material, reducing the infection rate.

    TIME_ Finishing lasts up to 50 washes.

Practical for any moment We created a modern line with 16 different designs, focused on comfort and functionality to help ensure your safety on a daily basis. Pre-order your favorite products!Shop now_


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    Antiviral Comfy
    Jogger Pants

    Natural fibers ensure comfort and durability, fit with pockets and an elastic waistband.

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    Antiviral Genderless

    The unisex t-shirt is made from soft fabric with a great fit and offset shoulders.

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    Antiviral Genderless

    The unisex bermuda features a highwaist drawstring waistband, allowing you to tighten it to your liking.

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    Antiviral Cropped

    UPF50+ protection fabric ensures safety in UV rays. Hoodie features wide sleeves for ultimate comfort.

Sustainability The antiviral fabric also prevents bad odor from sticking on the clothing, allowing more wears with fewer washes, thus reducing the waste of water and energy.

Our journey has always been focused on the wellbeing and safety of our employees, our team, our customers, and the earth. With this line, we seek to further protect you from COVID19. Please, continue to be safe and cautious by washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, wearing a mask, and social distancing!Let's transform this new reality together. Shop the collection_